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This trek was one of the best experiences of my life. I found it quite a challenge but it felt like such anaccomplishment to reach the destinations
to reach the destinations



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Kailash Manasarover Tour

Mount Kailash
Mt. Kailash which is known as Kangrinpoche in Tibet is believed to be the navel of the world from which flows four great Rivers (The Ganges, Bramhaputra, Sutlej and Indus) that they give life to the areas they pass through. Mount Sumeru, described by Hindu epics, as the center of the earth is believed to be Mount Kailash. This 6714m high peak of Western Tibet has long been a sacred object of worship for four major religions-Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bons. For Hindus, Mt, Kailash is the domain of Lord Shiva whereas Buddhist worship the mountain as the adobe of Samvara(Demchok)- the wrathful manifestation of Buddha. For Jains, this is the place where their saints emancipated from and for Bons, their founder Shenrab alighted from haven in. A Pilgrimage tour to Kailash and a Kora (Trek) around it is the supreme goal for the faithful.

The Manasarovar Lake
According to Hindu mythology Lake Manasarovar was formed in the mind of Brahma-the creator of the world for his sons to bathe after having performed austerities so it is the most respected of Tibetís Lake.

The ideal time to circle Manasarovar is in late autumn and early spring when the streams and rivers flowing into the lake are low. Some Tibetans prefer to circumambulate the lake in winter when everything is frozen. It is then possible to walk very near to the shoreline. During most of the year, a pilgrim should be prepared to wade across small and large streams.


Itinerary In Details

Day 01 : Drive to Nylam from Kathmandu.

Day 02 : Rest at Nylam

Day 03 : Nylam-Saga

Day 04 : Saga-Paryang,

Day 05 : Paryang- Chiu Gomba

Day 06 : Chiu Gomba / Gosul Gomba

Day 07 : Gosul Gomba / Darchen

Day 08 : Darchen / Dera Phuk Gomba, camp - A three day trek around Mt. Kailash.

Day 09 : Dera Phuk Gomba / Zutul Phuk Gomba (4760 m.)

Day 10 : Zutul Phuk Gomba / Horaa (4500 m.)

Day 11 : Horaa / Paryang

Day 12 : Paryang / Saga

Day 13 : Saga / Nyalam.

Day 14 : Nyalam / Zhang-Mu / Kathmandu

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