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Tico Mountaineer to Broadcast Live from Mount Everest

March 20, 2012
Warner Rojas, a mountain climber and adventurer, wants people in Costa Rica to follow him to the Himalayas as he becomes the first Tico to plant the flag at the summit of the Everest.

Starting on March 27, Warner will begin broadcasting his voyage and arduous climb online and on television thanks to an array of digital broadcasting tools he will be carrying along.

The special broadcast will begin even before Rojas sets foot in the Nepal mountain range. When he arrives in Kathmandu on Monday, March 26th, Teletica expects to broadcast updates on its Telenoticias news show at 7 pm and 11 pm each day.

A High-Tech Climb

According to La Nacion, Warner Rojas will travel to Nepal soon, taking with him the following gadgets:

- Portable computer
- Two iPhones
- Two high-definition Flip cameras
- A solar battery charger
- A few USB wireless broadband modems (known by Ticos as

Luis Ortiz, one of the journalists assigned to this unique project, explained to La Nacion that there are eight 3G wireless towers near the Everest that Warner will be able to connect to. Whenever Warner is within range of these towers, he will launch a Skype session to broadcast live. At other times, the portable computer Warner will allow him to take photos via its integrated web cam. Should Warner not be able to find a 3G signal, he will continue recording his climb and transmitting the output as time and conditions allow.

Warner has explained that the electronic gear he will be carrying weighs about a kilogram and a half, and that at times he will have to use his own body heat to ensure that the extreme cold weather does not damage the equipment. The expeditionary firm that is coordinating the climb, Jagged Globe, will be taking along an expensive camera that can serve as back up for Warner.

Eton boys aim high with mission to fly Olympic flag from Everest
March 20, 2012

Eight Eton schoolboys are preparing to travel more than 4,600 miles to Everest in a bid to fly an Olympic flag from the mountain for the first time.

The group — the youngest member is 13 — will leave for Kathmandu on Thursday. They will be greeted by the British ambassador in the Nepalese capital before beginning an 18-day trek to Everest base camp.

There the flag will be handed to sherpa Phurba Tashi, who has completed the challenge 19 times. He will then attempt to carry it to the summit, 8,850 metres up, by early May. Expedition leader Serena Brocklebank, an Eton “dame” or house mistress, said the idea came about after the boys said they wanted to go an expedition to Everest.

When they heard that the British embassy in Nepal wanted to take a flag to the top of the mountain they decided to combine the two ideas.

Miss Brocklebank, who used to live in Nepal where she worked as vice consul for three years and as an expedition leader for two, said: “The boys very much wanted to do an Everest base camp trip anyway but we thought ‘what better way to celebrate London 2012 than by taking a flag from a low altitude venue to the highest altitude in the world.”

Eton’s rowing centre at Dorney Lake near Windsor is the venue for the rowing and kayak events in the Olympic and Paralympics.

Tommaso Cuniberti, 15, Ned Kenwright, 14, Alastair Revell, 15, Benedict Burgess-Smith, 15, Olav Dyvik Henke, 15, Magnus Burgess-Smith, 13, Timothy Rawlinson, 14, and Fred Parry, 15, are due to set off on the expedition.

Accompanying them will be teachers Dr Ed Russell and Nick Leathers.

Magnus said: “It’s not really that daunting being the youngest, but I’ve not done something like this before. I’ve been training hard running and doing sport at school.

“It will be quite an experience. I can’t wait to get back and when people ask me what I did over Easter I’ll be able to say, ‘I went to Everest’. ”

Alastair, who has climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, said: “Going to base camp will be pretty good. I’ve heard there are some pretty good monasteries as well.

“We’ll get the flag to base camp and I’m pretty sure it’ll get to the top.”

Missing US trekker's mom pleads for proper investigation

March 16, 2012

Missing US trekker Aubrey Caroline Sacco's mother Connie Sacco has urged the Nepal government and its concerned authorities for the proper investigation of her daughter's disappearance.

Organising a press conference in Kathmandu Wednesday, Connie Sacco complained that police were not doing proper investigation to find her daughter, who had gone missing from Lama hotel of the Langtang trekking route in Rasuwa district since 22 April, 2010.

"Unless we get the facts, we family members believe she is alive," she said at press conference.

The family members visited Nepal four times, after her disappearance, to pressure the Nepali authorities to find the whereabouts of Aubrey, 25. She also informed that the high ranking police officers have expressed commitment to do everything possible to find out her whereabaouts, but no progress has been made in the last two years.

"We were asked by them if my government would supply techonology to help police in the investigation," she said, adding, "The US government has authorised the assistance, but the authorities are not accepting the help."

She also warned that if Aubrey is not found soon we will summon the international press and social media and organise an international "awareness campaign" on the "true danger of traveling to Nepal".

FIFA chief wraps up two-day Nepal trip
March 11, 2012

President of the football's governing body, FIFA, Joseph Sepp Blatter, left for India, completing a two-day visit to Nepal on Friday.

Blatter, who arrived in Kathmandu Thursday afternoon on a private jet, attended the opening ceremony of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup at the Dashrath Stadium in the evening.

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, who inaugurated the tournament, and leaders of the political parties and ministers also went to the stadium to watch Nepal vs. Palestine match. Nepal lost the match to Palestine 2-0.

The FIFA chief today announced US$ 400,000 grant assistance, which also included his personal contribution, for the development of football in Nepal. A portion of the assistance will go into promotion of women's football. Speaking at a programme organised by the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), Blatter said he was encouraged by the football scene in Nepal.


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