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This trek was one of the best experiences of my life. I found it quite a challenge but it felt like such anaccomplishment to reach the destinations
to reach the destinations



Everest Kalapathar Trek
With eight of the worlds ten highest peaks, Nepal is loaded with spectacular mountains vistas

Annapurna Circuit Trek
The classic Annapurna Circuit trek first became accessible to the world of adventure travelers as

Gosaikunda Trek
Gosainkunda lake is the holy lakes for Hindus, Gosainkunda (4,380), where pilgrims



In the southern part of giant continent Asia there lies rectangular tiny kingdom squeezed between two huge populated countries China on the north and India on the south, is the country called Nepal-the world of its own. The land of contrast is ostensibly the exact way to define the topography of Nepal for you will find maximum world’s topmost highest peaks soaring high up above the clouds striving for God’s a abode. Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Daulagiri, and Annapurna and many more are there to the mountain-lovers and adventurers. No wonder after viewing the panoramic views of everlasting snow-covered mountain ranges if you find yourself not far below (within a day’s distance) busy taking close-up photos of Royal Bengal Tigress prowling in the dense tropical forest along with one-horn Rhinos, Gharials, Crocodiles, and many endangered vertebrate mammals and reptiles amidst the friendly people of natives that is consist of colorful 36 ethnic groups.

Thus it is not unusual to bask round the snowy peaks in the early morning and take warm shower under tropical sun with distance cover by your own on-foot journey within a day. Also the land is blessed with everlasting peace and tranquility. So for the reason Lord Buddha was born here

Nepal At Glance

Continent : Asia
Official Name : Kingdom of Nepal (Nepal Adhirajya)
Capital : Kathmandu
Location : Situated between India in the south, east and west and Tibetan autonomous region of the People's Republic of China in the north.
Latitude : 26 22' 30 27' North
Longitude : 80 4' 88 12' East
Area : 147,181 sq. km.
Length : 885 km. (East to West)
Width : Non-uniform, mean width of 193 km. (North to South)
Political System : Multi-Party Democracy with Constitutional Monarchy.
Population : According to census of 2001
Male : 11563921 49.96 %
Female : 11587502 50.04 %
Total : 23151423 100 %
Population Growth Rate : 2.2 %
Life Expectancy of Birth in 2001: 59.7 years
People : Nepal has more than 60 ethnic groups and 70 spoken languages.
Religion : Hindu 80.62 % + Buddhists 70.74 % + Islam 4.20 % + Kirat 3.60 % + Christian 0.45 % + Sikha 0.03 % + Jain 0.02 % + Other 0.37 % = Total 100.00 %.
Literacy Rate : Male 65.08 % + Female 42.49 % = Total 52.74 %
National Flower : Rhododendron – Arboreum (Lali Gurans)
National Animal : Cow
National Bird : Imphean Pheasant (Danfe)
Time Zone : 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT
Unit of Currency : Nepalese Rupees


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